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Work Continues with GCI Alaska

As soon as the Municipality of Anchorage released construction permits at the end of June, micro-trenching began. Wasting no time, thousands of feet of trenching and micro tubing have been placed in the Cinnabar Loop business park. Once the loop has been completely trenched and the tubing installed, certain designated businesses will receive dedicated fiber-optic connections. When GCI completes the hardware installation, these businesses will have the opportunity to increase their data transmission capabilities ten to a hundred fold.

As planned, our crews worked evening hours to avoid normal traffic during the day. This allows our crews to be much more efficient and cost effective. We are taking advantage of the long daylight hours and this allows our team to be rested and ready to go each day. The crew has adapted well to difficult soil conditions and we expect to have the project completed by the end of August. Making up this hardworking and diversified crew we have three native Alaskans, as well as two females both are local to the Anchorage area.



With our continuing successes, GCI has offered up some smaller projects in and around Anchorage this summer and we are looking forward to partnering with GCI for many years to come.